Plant-based on a budget

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Written by: Camila Fernandez/PR Representative

Non-vegans claim that being a vegan on a budget is a mission impossible. Much of this stereotype is due to people believing that particular vegan food items are far too expensive. However, we took the liberty to shop for our plant-based diet at Publix, which surprisingly has plenty of discounts for a vegan on a budget.

Being a college student is already expensive as it is, with tuition and fees, but the club has created a one-week vegan challenge to welcome newcomers to the team.

Please check out our one-week vegan challenge created by vice president, Sarah Bird. Click on One Week Challenge for a PDF. Don’t forget to send us your feedback on our Facebook page, Plant-Based Society at FIU.

Here are a couple of tips to avoid an expensive shopping spree by

  1. Avoid pre-chopped veggie options: Go for regular veggies, which will bulk up your diet and help keep you full. They are mostly more inexpensive.
  2. Avoid trendy diets: Nothing is fancy about veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits. Just stay focused on your plant-based diet.
  3. Go for Everyday Superfoods instead: These include affordable, plant-based foods, like teff, chickpeas, and butternut squash, so you don’t get bored of your everyday lettuce and broccoli.
  4. Love bulk: Instead of buying beans and legumes in a box or bag, look for them in the bulk section. Buy only what you need, which will save you money and keep your food items from going to waste.
  5. Go for generic condiments: Like, peanut butter, tahini, mustard and spices. If you can’t afford Whole Foods, shop at Wal-Mart where organic condiments and some produce are also offered.
  6. Be beverage smart: Avoid non-nutritional drinks and instead, buy more cleansing water and non-dairy milk. You can also add fruits, like lemons and lime to flavor your water.
  7. Learn to love beans, legumes, seeds and grains: These foods will keep you full and are not hard to prepare.
  8. Buy only what you need, but buy enough
  9. Visit farmers markets and farms whenever possible

Images by: Camila Fernandez


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